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Stephenie + Michael | Exploring Washington Oaks State Park | Engagement Photos

I met Mike years ago for the first time. There was no typical, nice to meet you, greeting. Right from Hello it was more of an evaluation. An evaluation that he had already failed, before it even started. Harsh? Probably. But he did just start dating my big-little sister. Could anyone ever actually be good enough for her? Most likely not.

I quickly realized that Mike was going to be apart of Stephenie’s life for years to come. It was easy to see, in the way he made her at ease and the way she acted herself around him. She laughed around him, without even realizing she was laughing.

Almost a year after they started dating I found myself in the backseat of Mike’s car, listening to him talk to my sister and making her the happiest I could remember seeing her. I started crying as I accepted that my sister would marry him.

Soon, she will do just that.

We spent an evening exploring Washington Oaks State Park in Palm Coast, FL. I may be a bit partial, but I would say that they rocked their engagement shoot. The way these two look at each other will make you feel their love and believe that they will have a life time of laughter and smiles.. and a love strong enough to last through anything.


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