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Engagement Photos on the Family Farm | Dunnellon, Florida | Savannah + Tyler

Picking a location for your photo session can be such a hard decision! It plays one of the most crucial rolls in how your photographs will look, second being your outfits. Regardless of your photographer, you can drastically change the look of your images with your location and outfit choice. I always strongly suggest that you take as much time considering these two factors, as you did choosing your photographer.

Savannah and Tyler came to me with the idea of having their session at Tyler's family farm. From experience I know that areas of land in Florida can be drastically different. So I didn't know what exactly to expect. Arriving I started seeing massive oak trees and the greenest fields, Excitement took over!

Apart from the amazing trees you'll see below, the farm offered us a tunnel like view of trees, where an old railroad track had once been. Wet lands in a different area was full of cypress trees, old gates, and fallen trees offered the perfect props.

During our session I found out that Tyler and Savannah had their first date together on this land and have plans of building a home together there. I automatically imagined these photos hanging in that future home. So much meaning and so much love. Huge congratulations to this amazing couple!

Tampa, Florida Engagement Photographer



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