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Intimate Backyard Florida Wedding

Tampa Wedding Photographer

The greatest thing about love stories, is every single one is different. The same goes for weddings. No one is the same and that is my favorite part. Brides put their hearts in the details and it becomes a day that represents a bride and grooms unique love story, perfectly. Weddings will always have a special place in my heart, period. But small backyard ceremonies or intimate elopements will always go to the top of my list. Most likely because it reminds me of my own love story and wedding day. When the focus of the day never goes off of the bride and grooms love, my heart smiles.

Phil and Jana were married in January, it was a cold afternoon but the Florida sun peaked through the trees to warm us. Jana's Grandparents farm gave the perfect back drop for their intimate ceremony. We snuck away multiple times to capture their love for one another. Being my cousin, it was not the first time that I had captured Jana's model stare and beauty, but it was the first time that I had captured such happiness and pure bliss in her eyes. The type I believe you only have when you are marrying your soulmate.

Phil's brother played and sang for their first dance and Phil looked at Jana as if every single thing in his world had centered and was right. She smiled, because her heart was in agreement. Moments such as that is why weddings will forever light up my soul and capturing them will never get old. Here’s to their love growing as deep and as strong as the trees that they were married under.



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