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Rain on Your Wedding Day | Loida + Jonathan Clearwater Beach Wedding

They say rain on your wedding day is good luck, but who are they? Are they for real? I’ll go along with it but I don’t wish it on anyone. I’ve experienced a few of these wedding days and I am always blown away with how AMAZING my brides can handle the situation!

Loida was no exception. It was a beautiful morning on Clearwater Beach and as soon as we were supposed to meet for pre-ceremony photos- IT POURED. It did not stop either. So back up plan! We all left the beach for their reception. Their reception hall became their ceremony + reception. Not the vision Loida had, but she kept smiling.

As the ceremony + reception came to an end, the sun came out. The decision was made to go back to the beach with only their immediate family for the ceremony they had dreamed of for months. We had ceremony number two of the day and it was pure magic! After finally being able to say I Do on the beach and walk in the sand... Loida said “This. This is everything I wanted.” 

Things have a way of working out perfectly, if you go with the flow! Just ask Loida.



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