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Chris + Aubre's Wedding at The Patterson | Tampa Wedding Photographer

It is always special when someone reaches out to me to be there photographer, it is such a privilege and honor to be considered to capture a couples biggest day yet. I must admit though, it is extra special when you've known that person for most of your life and they choose you to capture their day. Chris and I grew up in the same small town and the same small neighborhood. Being homeschooled, not everyone knew me, but most knew Chris. So when asked how to get to my house, I would often say "Do you know where Chris lives?". It's funny how small encounters with people throughout your life, help shape your future. I would have never been at The Patterson in Valdosta, GA had we not both shared the same dirt road growing up. I hope the impact is that Chris and Aubre have moments captured in a special and authentic way from their wedding day, images that someone else may have missed. Images that bring them joy and bring then back to their love- year after year.

Aubre is nothing short of drop. dead. gorgeous. It was such a special day watching their love and all of the joy their family felt- because of their love. The day started and ended at The Patterson, a beautiful venue in Valdosta, GA that contains a place for everything. Getting ready, photo ops, the ceremony, reception, and a dance floor for an epic night of dancing. Chris and Aubre chose to include a first touch before their ceremony. These moments are always extra special for me, as I opted for the same at my wedding. It was easily my favorite moment of their day.

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