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Hilton Clearwater Beach Wedding

In my experience, the moment you start planning your wedding, you also begin envisioning the day. Samantha and Grant’s vision included traveling to Clearwater, FL and getting married on the beach. It was a beautiful vision, one that they thought of for many months. We spoke and planned photos after the ceremony, at sunset, it was going to be beautiful. Then the day came and so did Florida thunderstorms, unfortunately.

Abruptly and in the moment, the vision has to change. It was known that the end goal would still be accomplished though, so Samantha kept smiling. Her vision changed but she simply focused on marrying Grant. I have so much respect for any bride that can keep their focus on the fact that the man beside them, loves them, and is going to marry them if the sun is shining or not.

A tradition of leaving love notes on a Post-it, has been a part of Samantha and Grants relationship since the beginning. They each, unknowingly, wrote their vows on Post-it notes. Which, when realized, was the first of many laughs during their ceremony. I don’t believe I have ever heard so much laughter during a ceremony. It represented their personalities, relationship, and love, perfectly. In those moments it did not matter to anyone that the vision had changed, because it was beautiful none the less.

Here’s to always focusing on what matters and knowing we cannot envision how things will turn out, but we can still enjoy them- just the way that they do.

Hilton Clearwater Beach, Clearwater, FL

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