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Marineland Dolphin Adventure Wedding | Jana + Donny

Jana and Donny's intimate wedding ceremony was held at Marineland Dolphin Adventure near St. Augustine, Florida. The special day and the dolphins did not disappoint!

You will see this amazing couple again soon on the blog, as this was one of two weddings I photographed for them. Marineland was their wedding in the states, for family who could not make it to their destination wedding in Ireland.

Florida offers such a variety in wedding backdrops, dolphins doing tricks in the background, was definitely a first for me though! After being a part of a wedding with dolphins, it makes you question why you did not have dolphins at your wedding too! Or maybe that's just me, I have always had an obsession with them. This was my first time being up close and personal, so much personality!

After the ceremony we visited Washington Oaks State Park near by for some additional images to remember their special day.

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